About B.K. Institute & Computer Classes

B.K.INSTITUTE has been a name in teaching for over 08 years. In the recent past with the advent of A-Level curriculums in the academic world, B.K.INSTITUTE has established itself in that field too. Our excellence lies in the fact that we have teachers, who have dedicated their lives to teaching and excel in teaching in their respective subjects. The motto is to allow a friendly and easy approach to the toughest topics, urging students to open up and ask doubts, to allow them to explore their interests in the subjects they learn.

B.K.INSTITUTE gives a better alternative in the form of extensive coaching in small batches. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers while giving personal attention to each student encourage them to ask questions and participate in discussions. The teaching in classes is complemented with subject notes. The classroom teaching is supplemented by weekly tests. The test results are given in next two days with comments so that students can know any shortcomings. Why is B.K’s better than any other institute? What brings students here despite being bombarded by the biggies competing in the same field? “The kind of attention every student enjoys here is unmatched”.

B.K. Institute & Computer Classes
B.K. Institute & Computer Classes
DCA 72%
JAVA 75%
C++ 63%